Sleep Therapy

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Is your baby or toddler having trouble sleeping? Are you frustrated and exhausted from your child's current sleep schedule? Living without sleep and feeling uncertain about what to do can be so stressful. Just know, you are not alone! The Counseling & Parenting Center can help you and your family get a good night’s rest again!

After struggling with her own baby's sleep troubles, Deborah made it her goal to use her experience and education to guide other tired parents to solve their family’s sleep challenges. These challenges include getting you and your baby or toddler on the right sleep track by sleeping through the night and for naps, weaning off of sleep associations and establishing healthy sleeping and eating habits. 

“Our 5-month-old had fallen deeply into a sleep regression that was not letting up. He was waking up five times a night at his worst and with three other young children we were at our wit's end. Deborah immediately identified the issue as a sleep association problem and worked on a gentle plan to help us break him of this pattern.  Within days our son was sleeping through the night and napping consistently. Deborah followed up with us on a regular basis and responded to each of our calls and emails in an extremely timely manner. We are so happy we found her and we absolutely recommend her!” – E.R. Williston Park

“My husband and I were in great need of help for our 2-year-old daughter who wasn't sleeping. Our friends recommended Deborah. Not only was Deborah wonderful to work with, but our daughter is sleeping through the night! Deborah was patient, kind, and very supportive at a really trying time! I can't thank her enough!” – Melissa V.

Deborah does not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to helping your baby or toddler sleep. Instead, she offers a personalized sleep plan plus one-on-one coaching based on the specific and unique needs of the family. This includes age of child, family values, temperament of both baby and parents, and more. Deborah prides herself in not just teaching families how to help their children sleep better, but also encourages the healthy habits well after their time working together ends. 

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Call 631-623-7076 or email Deborah to set up your first appointment. Deborah offers sleep therapy to parents all over the country, supports breastfeeding moms and will explore all options in solving a child’s sleep issues, not just “cry it out.”