Feel again.

While counseling may seem frightening to some people, it’s often a necessary step in their development toward happy, healthy goals. The Counseling & Parenting Center creates an open and comfortable environment in which the client sets the pace. Together we move forward from there. We’ll take into consideration what brought you to us, and try to gain insight as to how you got there and where you’d like to go next.

Deborah Winters uses a humanistic style of therapy adapted from psychodynamic theory and cognitive behavioral theory. When combined, these disciplines create a powerful lens into which we can understand you as a whole person, and what makes you tick. Having such clarity will help improve the relationships you have with yourself and with others.

Our clients emerge from our counseling sessions feeling stronger, empowered, and self-aware. This ultimately enhances their ability to connect on a more intimate level in all of their relationships.

You may be a great candidate for counseling if you can say yes to any of the following:

  • Are you feeling depressed, hopeless or just plain stuck?
  • Are you in a life transition (divorce, job, new baby, etc.)?
  • Are you suffering from anxiety or anxiety disorders (stress, fears or obsessions)?
  • Are you having trouble maintaining a satisfactory relationship?
  • Are you experiencing negative thoughts (“No matter what I do, it never works out for me.” “Everything sucks.” “No one likes me.”)?