**Help Children Find the Words**

February 11, 2015

In order for children to learn how to talk about their feelings, they first need to learn the words to describe them. Next time your child is having a tantrum, or is acting-out by hitting or being "fresh," try using reflective listening to teach your child to communicate their emotions, rather than act-out.

Five feeling words parents use too much are good, bad, happy, sad, and mad. These words don't always tell the whole story. Below is a list of words to describe "happy" and "upset" feelings. Try using one of these instead next time your faced with a dis-regulated child.


appreciate, enjoy, great, nice, better, excited, happy, pleased, cheerful, glad, like, proud, delighted, good, love and wonderful.


angry, disappointed, hurt, sad, annoyed, frightened, irritated, scared, confused, guilty, left out and sorry.